Wilderness Wear is the result of experience and adventure, founded by friends Ashley & Mike and inspired by the breath-taking views of the Peak District. Created in the middle of a camping expedition, Wilderness Wear captures that wild and adventurous spirit, offering others with the same passion the chance to roam, climb, and experience nature in comfort and style. After all, there’s nothing better than the open outdoors!

Michael Noon

I’m stirred and inspired by anything to do with the outdoors. I have a passion for camping, hiking, and running long distances, and thrive on pushing my body and my mind to the limits. People ask me: why do you do it? I do it because it builds character, and I learn what I’m truly capable of. You realise that you can accomplish a lot more than your mind would lead you to believe and you become aware of your inner thoughts. It’s a battle, and that lights a fire in me!

I’m driven by adventure and experiences. I like to think that life is just one big, giant experience made up of little ones, and that it’s down to you to decide which experiences and adventures you have.

My biggest accomplishments so far have been running 100km along Britain’s oldest path and getting to the semifinals of UK Ninja Warrior. “Tom Daley would be proud!” I heard someone shout, as I crashed out of the competition, diving into the water below…Hopefully I will be back there in the future!

Ashley Sewell

I’m a family man, so when I’m not out wild camping in the Peak District you can find me wandering the great outdoors with my loving fiancée and two beautiful children. My favourite place in the Peak District for camping is Kinder Scout, an ancient, rugged, relentless stretch of moorland. On a clear day you can see out over the city of Manchester, and even pick out the radio telescope of Jodrell Bank in the distance. There’s nothing quite like it for experiencing nature in all its glory.

Recently I’ve found enjoyment in sharing my knowledge of wild camping through a series of videos on YouTube. Why not check them out by clicking here?